Sunday in Santa Cruz

Summer Sunday in Santa Cruz

Took the family to Santa Cruz for an impromptu weekend getaway. Spent Saturday on the Boardwalk and did our best to get as dizzy and terrified as possible with multiple turns on each of the rides. We certainly had fun and gave the girls some good entertainment memories.


But Sunday…

Wharf to Wharf race

Sunday morning was when I saw the real Santa Cruz and quickly grabbed the camera to capture it.  Overnight the main drag was converted into a running race staging area. The Wharf to Wharf race was kicking off from Santa Cruz to Capitola. I was hoping to have a nice quiet breakfast, but found a few thousand runners clogging the street instead.


We were not the first one on the beach. The local surfboard rental guys were already set up waiting for some shark bait to come along.



And these guys were not surfers. No, this group thought it would be fun to swim to the various speed buoys located quite a ways from the beach.



And if Bruce happened to meet them out there, they would not have much help.

SantaCruz-2015-5 SantaCruz-2015-6


At least the wharf had some interesting colors. Amazing that these posts display such a rainbow of colors.

SantaCruz-2015-13 SantaCruz-2015-16 SantaCruz-2015-14


And you, too, can get a job being a professional beach comber!

SantaCruz-2015-10 SantaCruz-2015-17 SantaCruz-2015-11


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